Obama releases Chelsea, but takes Holocaust Memorial Council prisoner

While reports come in praising outgoing President Barack Obama for shortening Chelsea Manning’s stay in the abominable US Military Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, the first black man in the White House apparently wants to touch off his deplorable anti-Israel stance with a final blow, this time against one of the most important institutions of global shoah remembrance, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and Council. His appointment of Ben Rhodes, until now Obama’s national security adviser for strategic communications, to serve on the Council can be interpreted as an attempt to take the institution prisoner beyond 20 January, the date for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The US Holocaust Memorial Council is a body of 68 members. 55 of them are a appointed by the President of the USA. The Council meets twice a year, and its members have a tenure of five years.

Rhodes is a notorious chum of Holocaust-denying Iran. He championed the dreadful Iran nuclear deal and has always been highly critical of Israel’s struggle for her continued existence in spite of the many threats to territorial integrity the only Jewish state on earth faces. Only a few days ago, Rhodes was caught making false claims of Israel “constructing tens of thousands of new settlements” on the West Bank, in an interview taken by Public Broadcasting Service journalist Judith Woodruff.



Ben Rhodes at a White House staffer, february, 2013, newly published by flickr, 2016. Via Wikipedia.

Later, Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the US, characterised Rhodes as an “expert of fiction” for denying the US active role in bringing about the anti-Israel Security Council resolution of December. At previous times, Rhodes openly admitted having fabricated media processes involving reporters coming forward with “news” that supported some of the positions Rhodes had voiced.

Ben Rhodes is said to have a Jewish mother. “The only interest in the Holocaust I’ve seen from @rhodes44 is his effort to help create another one” journalist Lori LowenthalMarcus commented on his new appointment




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